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My new Christmas album Omens is out now. It consists of four long, original songs that examine various aspects of the Christmas story as well as our modern relationship with faith and the holiday season. It was written, recorded, mixed, and mastered with the intent of being heard on lathe cut. The lathe cut includes alternative artwork that juxtaposes scenes from the Passion of Christ with vintage photographs of a locust metamorphosing. Only 27 of them exist. It is also available digitally and on CD.


I have a new single called "Orchard" out today. Check out info on it on the Discography and Lyrics pages. Listen and purchase under Orders.


The Unreachable Distance is now out on double splatter gatefold vinyl, CD, cassette, and mp3. If you haven't seen the vinyl yet, check out the pictures on the bandcamp page as it's worth seeing for sure. You can also listen and purchase there. To get there, click on Orders above.

New single called "Orchard" with three exclusive b-sides out this Friday, 10.20.17.


A new single called "Willow" was released on September 22nd with three exclusive b-sides. Check the orders page.

My new album, The Unreachable Distance, will be released on October 13th on double splatter vinyl, CD, cassette, and digital.

Another new single called "Orchard" will be released October 20th.

Finally, a Christmas album entitled Omens will be released November 10th on CD, digital, and white 12" lathe cuts with exclusive artwork.

You can check out the details for all the releases on the Discography page and all the new lyrics on the Lyrics page.


This here website thingy now has a contact page. Feel free to write to me/friend/follow me to whatever degree makes you happy.

The 10th anniversary vinyl edition of Enforcer is now shipping. Not only does it look beautiful, the album has never sounded better. Adam Straney did an amazing job mastering it for vinyl.

Also, there is a new album that is done and mastered and is currently getting pressed on CD and vinyl. It's a double album called The Unreachable Distance. It will be available on CD, cassette, double color LP, and digitally within the next three months or so. It will be preceded by a single called "Willow" with three b-sides. There will also be a second single called "Orchard" that will have three b-sides as well. I will update with release dates when I've got them figured out.

Alsooooo, as unlikely as it sounds, I've made a Christmas album that will be available digitally, on CD, and as a white 12" lathe cut with screen printed packaging the first or second week of November.

More information on the new releases soon. Thank you for your continued support!


New releases: I'm releasing a 10th anniversary colored vinyl edition of Enforcer. It is up for pre-order right now and will be shipping probably in July.

As a part of the vinyl release of Enforcer, there are two new lathe cuts up for pre-order as well. The first is a 7" lathe cut single for the song "Kevin Decline" with a Casiotone For The Painfully Alone cover for the b-side. These should be shipping in the next few weeks. It's also available digitally right now with two additional b-sides. The second lathe is an 8" lathe cut entitled Where We Went Wrong with three live in-studio performances of Enforcer tracks. That should be shipping within two weeks. Check out more information on these releases on the new updated Discography page.


Just a few more days left on the Anything At All Forever fundraising campaign. I'm pleased with how things have gone, and I'm stoked to order the vinyl as soon as the campaign is done. A reminder: this is NOT an all-or-nothing campaign. If you order something, you will get it regardless of whether I make my goal. So once again, check out the campaign and contribute here.

Also, I've updated the Discography and Lyrics pages with information on the 8" lathe cut, the Whispers Of The Waves EP, and Anything At All Forever. Enjoy the covers, read through the lyrics, check the discog. It's better than staring at your phone for another half hour, right?


Change of plans. Today I launched a fundraising campaign to press vinyl for my new album Anything At All Forever. There are lots of great rewards at every level, including CDs, cassettes, 8" lathe cut singles with exclusive unreleased songs, an acoustic album, original artwork, private shows anywhere in the U.S., etc., so check out the campaign and contribute here.


Slow Fire Volumes 1 and 2 are out now. Volume 3 will be out on June 3rd in mp3 and CD formats. Volume 4 will be released June 17th.

There is also a new album that will come out after the final Slow Fire installment called Anything At All Forever. The single from the album called "Whispers Of The Waves" will be released on July 1st in mp3 and cassette formats. It will be released with three b-sides that are covers of songs by The Cure. The album Anything At All Forever will follow on July 15th in mp3 and CD formats. I'll update the website with information on these releases as the release dates get nearer.

After that, life goes back to normal.


I wrote an album called Slow Fire that's 21 songs and over 2.5 hours long. Rather than release it all at once, I'm splitting it into four mini-albums to be released in May and June. The first installment, Slow Fire Vol. 1, will be released in mp3 and CD formats on May 6th with the other three volumes to be released at two-week intervals after that. The first CD includes Volumes 1 and 2. The second will include Volumes 3 and 4.

Check out the updated lyrics and discography pages here with lyrics and release info for all four Slow Fire volumes.

Looking ahead, I've just completed writing and demoing an album called Anything At All Forever that will follow the final Slow Fire installment. More details on that to come.


Bright Alert is out. You can purchase it in the usual places (iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp etc.) but there's a short bonus track that's only available on CD or on Bandcamp. CDs and mp3s both only $5 there.

There are also CDs now of Avalanche Kiss and Comfort ($5 a piece), as well as lyrics zines with all the lyrics from all seven of my full-length albums. Like the Lyrics page here, only without all the typos and with some nifty photos. Check out the Orders page above. The "merch" tab will get you to all the physical stuff.

Looking toward the future, I'm currently writing what right now looks like it will be a double album. Working title: Slow Fire. Extremely tentative projected release date: May, 2016. I'll keep you updated on the progress, I hope.


Pssssst. Hey. Hey, it's over now.

A new album is on its way. It's called Bright Alert, and it's being mastered as we speak. Release date to be determined, but probably mid-October. This here website thingy has been updated with tracklist and lyrics. Check 'em out, dude.

I also have a couple other tricks up my sleeve that I'll fill you in on when the album is released. I'm kind of into CDs lately. Is that weird?


There was a film crew at our house show in Hamburg, and they documented the evening. There are videos and photos. I sing "Jailhouse Rock" and then "Red Envelopes" with Dan Flay from The Travis Waltons, a song we wrote together that will be released soon. Dan sings "Millionaire" and "Doom." Check it out.


There is a new album called Drew Breath and a new EP called Guilt Show. There was a fantastic European tour, but you missed that. There are remnants of that tour in the form of a tour EP called Dangerous Boyfriends and handsome octopus t-shirts that are yours for a nominal fee.

Next up: new Joshua Daniel record.


Today there will be words in the air to be plucked and given meaning. Today your heart will be full of stupid things. Today you will break your lease. Today is a good day for me and hopefully for you, too.

Today sees the release of a new record by me, my fifth solo record and eighth overall. Itís called Secrets Spill Over. I'm very proud of this one.

Itís available through iTunes, Amazon, eMusic and most places that sell mp3s. You can listen to it in its entirety and purchase it on my Bandcamp page. I hope youíll give it a listen. Give ďTry Not To Be FunnyĒ a shot. Go on. This site will still be here when youíre done.


For those in the UK and Germany, I'm going to be touring your beautiful countries in September. I'll be touring with Daniel Flay of the UK band The Travis Waltons. I'll be sharing the dates as soon as they're finalized. In the meantime, please enjoy The Travis Waltons' debut album. Favorite track: "Canned Food And Shotguns." I've also collaborated on a song with them for their second album, and I'm super happy with it. I'll let you know when that gets released.


Hello to you at the opposite end of life.

The world is full of dreadful guys, and I might be one, I know. But knowing that doesnít help, like all the other things I know that donít help.

Speaking of, I have a new single out today. Itís called ďWorse For You Than SmokingĒ and itís backed with three non-album b-sides. If youíve ever wished that my solo stuff sounded more like the Jim Yoshii Pile-Up, well, here you go. Iíve given in. You can listen to it and, if you like, purchase it here.

Do see where this is going? There is also a new album. The new album is called Secrets Spill Over and will be released on May 20th. Iíll fill you in on that later. Or, you can see some of the details in the Discography and Lyrics sections on this here website thingy.


New single within a couple weeks! New album two weeks after that! Not sure what comes after that!

Take a look at the Discography and Lyrics pages. All updated and shit.


Notify Your Friends: Everything Ends is out today. Listen and buy it here or on iTunes, Amazon et al. I've been living with a few of these songs for as long as three years, most for at least a year and a half, and I'm excited to have other people hear them. I sincerely hope you enjoy them.

Looking ahead, I've just started work on recording 18 songs for what will probably end up being a full-length and an EP. I'll try to be a good boy and update more frequently with the status of things.


There are two new releases. One is currently out. The other is on its way. First, there is a single. The single is called "Timid Hearts," and it's backed by two non-album tracks called "You Think You're Clever" and "Just Smile And Play Along." You can buy the single here.

Secondly, there is a new full-length that is coming out on September 10th. It's called Notify Your Friends: Everything Ends. It consists of ten tracks. You can read an article about the new album written by novelist Jason Skipper here.


I have news. I'm currently recording a new record and simultaneously writing another new one. I'm working with the lovely and talented Erik Blood (THEESatisfaction, Shabbaz Palaces). We're about halfway through mixing right now. I don't have a release date yet, but I suspect that it will be ready by the summer. Is that good news or bad?


Apparently, I was very wrong when I said there would not be as long a wait for the next one. I have been working on new material, but I have yet to write stuff that lives up to my (already pretty low) standards.

I'm currently writing with a band, and we'll see how that goes.

Wish I had something more exciting to report, but them's the state of things.

Have you heard Comfort?


Wow, long time without an update. There is good news though. Unspeakable Records is releasing two new records and an ep.

The new record by me, Paul Gonzenbach, is called Comfort, and it's available right now.

I also have a new ep called This Is Not Enough.

Most importantly, Unspeakable is very proud to put out the new album by Joshua Daniel, Slowly Through The Turnstiles. Joshua and I worked on this album for the better part of the year. Joshua wrote the songs and I arranged and played on them. We're both really proud of this album, and we can't wait to hear what you think of it.

Please take a look at the Discography and Orders page for details! I promise there won't be as long a wait for the next record.


Vinyl is shipping. Working on demos for the next record.


Vinyl will be shipping in the next two weeks. Tracklisting and artwork for the bonus disc A Love Song And A Drum Machine is finalized. See Discography page for info.


Compact disc orders are now shipping. Vinyl is still in pre-order.


New full-length album available right now.