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Dead Men (Epoxy)

You dreamt a baby carriage and a baby that didn't live. It looked like a black and ruffley octopus in a coffin. You broke a window, you placed the shards inside my heart so I could be free.

You're free like a life raft cut adrift. You're free like an actor with no script.

You did some things with him you didn't quite expect to, you didn't quite agree to. There is one thing you regret. A bloody clot, a pamphlet, the doctor made sure you were comfortable and free.

You're free like a life raft cut adrift. You're free like a play without a script. One hundred days left on your lease. One hundred ways to find your piece, when I will finally summon you back to me.

County jail, empty threats... County jail wasn't kind.


Cartoon Violence

Brained, a luckless guy, kind but out of time. Why would they try? Son, I do not like the look that's in your eye. Why won't you die? It all smacks me of cartoon violence. Three words were all it took you: BRING IT ON!!!


Count Flow

I have dropped my restraint like a towel to the tile floor where you lie like a bathmat. What did brother do? Do you even hear the words coming from your lips? Do you connect words and actions, your words, my actions? I think you know where I'm going with this...

Sheila, don't expect to like it. Don't expect to replay this in your mind. Sheila, someone was bound to love you, just not the one you wanted to.

I will not waste our time by apologizing. I will invite your parents; I'll call 'em in.

There are no laws that cover this now.


Hold Back The Night

is a Sinead O'Connor cover.