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"ORCHARD" (single)


Memory is a sparrow or a basement without light. Dreams are an orchard or an airport without flight. Family is a pine cone or a thick and choking fog. God is a cool pond or the tick that killed my dog.


The glinting frost that's in your eye makes me feel lost, a threatening sky. Take me to the end when our love will lie us down so softly. Cover me in flowers, cross my hands with pennies on my eyes.

I love you more, more than I should. We never breathe. I wish we would.

Our love will carry us so tenderly, stopping time and changing minds. Our love will quiet us eternally. Yours are mine in endless rhyme.

When the flames arise, clothes and hair and nails will go first. Boiling blood and eyes never quench the hungry fire's thirst. Then we're one at last, ashes upon ashes mingling. Slow at first then fast, our bodies both together singing out.

It could be worse.


Takes a lot to remind me of you. Know the spot where the past intersects with who we have become and where we're going. Never thought I would see you again. Over field, over hillside and glen, you disappeared so well. I never saw it coming. Oh, I know you'd had practice, it would seem. Don't take it the wrong way, but I never knew what you might mean.

Swim in time and take the easy climb. Care for me the way we used to be.

You tied the knots that kept me place for years. Always said it's better to just swallow your tears.


There's a light on in your room as I pull in. There's a secret that you've kept most of your life. If it helps you sleep at night, turn off your phone. If we could begin again, there's nothing I would change.

There's a hope you've kept alive inside your heart for our future selves to know. It will keep us warm. We're alive in frightening times, you and I, but you keep my spirits up on the darkest days.

You know that words will never save us. You keep me honest. You see the lies our fathers gave us. You hold the office. You cannot help but know the future. You see behind the lies that keep us tied in place, the endless loop of saving face. Our frozen hearts begin to melt. We start heal the wounds we've never felt.